BBC Fame….repeated!

BBC Fame….repeated!

Wasn’t expecting this to be aired again on BBC2!! I think this was 4 years ago!
So thank you to all those who have ordered the Wrappers again…I appreciate prices have gone up since it was first shown, so there is a wee discount code ‘ Customer10%’ which will give you a 10% discount until the end of April.
THANKS AGAIN for all your support!

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  • Linda Reply

    Hi I am about to become another new customer because of the re-run of ‘The customer is always right’ so appreciate your discount code as I was expecting the price quoted on the programme. I have been looking for alternatives to all the usual packaging so will be pleased to get your product to try out. I would also be willing to accept pre-used sheets etc. as an altenative to new fabrics as to quote a famous supermarket ‘every little helps’, mainly for the sake of the enviroment however a bonus is the cost.

    19 April 2022 at 1:12 am

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