Working from Home...and Away

20 February 2023

One of the joys of running your own business is being able to work from home - or away.

Half term last week so we were up in Wester Ross. Beautiful beaches, stunning walks and a daily saunter to a post box to send out the days orders for the Reusable Sandwich Wrappers.

I like to think they will be used again and again for work lunches and holiday picnics all over the country - cutting down on single use plastic!

The highlight of the week was seeing the Norther Lights! They have been on my bucket list for YEARS!

Sadly the photo is not mine ( Holiday cottages) as my one didn't do them any justice!

To celebrate the joy and beauty of nature - I have put a 10% discount on the website Use NorthernLights at checkout. The code is valid until the end of February.

As ever, if you have any great photos of the Wrappers being used in remote, exciting, stunning, or just different locations then please do send them to me at


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