trip[vc_row][vc_column][amy_handmade_heading show_dots="1" title="How It Works"][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]The Wrapper not only keeps your sandwich fresh inside, but it also unfolds into a plate. Ideal for keeping your desk clean or if you are eating outside. No more worrying about toddlers eating food from the floor or dirty picnic tables.

School packed lunches are traditionally wrapped up in cling film, tin foil or plastic bags. This ends up in the bin and land fill sites – what could be better than a Reusable Sandwich Wrapper.

No more wrapping up sandwiches or snacks then throwing the packaging away. The Wrapper can be used day after day!

MATERIALS - The liner is a Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) that conforms with the EU Regulations 2015/174 which relates to materials in contact with food.

OUTER FABRIC - Polycotton . All sealed up with a Velcro strip - INGENIOUS!

WASHING - On a daily basis you just give the liner a wipe down with a damp cloth . If the outside gets grubby, you can hand wash it in soapy water in the sink before you do the rest of the washing up, or it can go in the machine at 30 degrees. If machine washing - catch the velcro over on itself or put it in a laundry bag so that the velcro doesn't catch on socks! If it is a dark colour I recommend a hand wash first time incase there is any residual dye. A word of warning...don't use a heavily scented fabric lady commented that her tuna sandwiches tasted of lavender ! A bit too Heston Blumenthal for her liking!!

MANUFACTURE - The sewing is done with the help of the Inmates at Kilmarnock Prison. They learn a skill, gain qualification in industrial sewing,and get paid for their work - whilst I get them Made in Scotland 30 minutes from home.

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