Dundee's V & A Plastic: Remaking our World

16 January 2023

Little road trip last week Dundee to take my daughter back to Uni, so took the opportunity to visit the Plastic: Remaking our world exhibition at the V & A on Dundee's Waterfront.
Please do click on the video links in this post.
It only runs for a couple more weeks so if you can get a chance I would thoroughly recommend it. Very educational, graphic and thought provoking...but with a few glimmers of hope for alternatives to single use plastic and how organisations like Sungai Watch https://sungai.watch are making a huge difference clearing up polluted rivers; starting in Bali and Indonesia.

Some shocking statistics about how much waste we will generate by 2050 if we don't act now, with major changes in legislation, to ban single use plastics.

Please do go and visit the exhibition. It will make you change the way you look at single use plastic.


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