St George's Day

23 April 2023

.....and then St George's Day! Love a bit of history so started looking into St George. Well, he wasn't English, never visited England, wasn't a knight...and the story of the Dragon was added 500 years after he died!!

Anyhow, the English Heritage page below sheds some light onto the man and the myth - worth a read whilst you wait for your Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pud to cook for your Sunday Dinner!

Happy St George's Day everyone! I have a beautiful Red and White Check Wrapper if you have any cold beef left for your sandwiches this week! One of my favourite sandwich recipes is thinly sliced roast beef, sour cream and horse radish mixed together, and few rocket leaves and the best brown bread you can find.

Quite possibly the greatest thing you can have with sliced bread!

Interesting to read that the St George's Cross still appears on the Order of the Garter  - the highest order of Chivalry in the country and the George's Cross medal recognise the greatest heroism or courage in circumstance of extreme danger.

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