Summer Sunshine

4 July 2023

So we've just had the hottest June - Enjoyed the sunshine but the worry is that it is clear evidence that Global Warming is making it's mark. So all the more reason to start Reusing and Recycling more and more.

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Climate change is driving extreme weather events around the world.

The world has warmed by about 1.1C since the industrial revolution about 200 years ago.

Greenhouse gases have been pumped into the atmosphere by activities such as burning fuels, which have heated up the Earth's atmosphere.

Last year the UK recorded temperatures above 40C for the first time. Scientists said that would have been "virtually impossible without climate change".

Dr Richard Hodgkins, senior lecturer in physical geography at University of Loughborough says it is notable how the warm weather "fits expectations of a changing climate in the UK".

He said researchers have been predicting patterns where weather appears to get "stuck", which would mean longer heatwaves.

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