Scotland Loves Local - Glasgow Gift Card

17 August 2022

This is a new initiative that has just launched.

Basically, a gift card worth £105  issued by the Glasgow City Council to help support both residents struggling with the cost of living crisis and local businesses recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. A boost to the local economy and helping to save town and village centres from going into decline.

The funding has come from the Covid Economic Recovery Funding from the Scottish Government.

Eligible households will be those who qualify for a Council Tax Reduction due to low income.

The card can be spent in over 700 local shops who have signed up to take part in the scheme.

I think, a great idea! The card can't be used for online shops but because I do lots of pop up shops I can accept them in Glasgow.

If you have a card, and you'd like to purchase the Reusable Sandwich Wrappers or Gift Wrapping fabric from Re-Wrap-It then drop me a message and I'll let you know when and where my next shop will be!




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