Telegraph Feature

30 August 2022

Turned on the computer the other Saturday to find a flurry of orders….and lots of people saying they had come across an article in the Telegraph mentioning Re-Wrap-It and the Wrappers!
So off I trot to the local shop to get a copy.

A really interesting article by Xanthe Clay discusses the ways we can avoid single-use plastic in the kitchen and the pros, and cons of recycling and recommends some alternatives.
She mentions that we use 1.2 billion meters of cling film every year, and most of it is non-compostable.

Shocking figures.

She goes on to mention Re-Wrap-It and the Wrappers as alternative Reusable Wrapper for sandwiches.

So a huge thank you to all my new customers who have bought Wrappers over the last week or so: your support of a small business
is very much appreciated!



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Re-wrap-it telegraph feature
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