Teacher end of term gifts…..

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…..so you’re a teacher….with 30 or so children in the class. It’s lovely to get a wee gift from the children, but often teachers are swamped with chocolates (ok, not such a bad thing…) soaps or candle. So why not stand out from the crowd and go for something more original? The Wrappers are the perfect end of term gift for teachers. They are the right budget, reusable and help the school towards Eco School Green Flag awards by reducing waste in the lunch hall.

Till the end of July we’re running a 10% off voucher code ‘endofterm16’

Make your teachers day!

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May Discount Coupon !!

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The Perfect end of term gift for teachers! For the month of May add the Coupon May16 to get a 10% discount!

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Right Honourable Lady….

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So delighted that this got a mention in The Houses of Parliament the other day!

Never thought  when I started up Re-Wrap-It  I’d end up getting involved in Social Reform. Have a wee listen…. and enjoy your sandwich Wrappers.


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The Earl of Sandwich…..

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He may not have been the first to eat meat between two slices of bread, but Sandwich did lend the now-famous food his name. Allegedly, 1762, the Earl was deep into a marathon poker game and couldn’t be bothered to leave the gaming table for dinner. So he asked a servant to bring him a piece of meat stuffed between two slices of toast so he wouldn’t smear food on his cards. Wonder what he think of a pastrami and rye sandwich!

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Hello and a very warm welcome to my new web site – I hope you enjoy it and find it easy to navigate around.

Many thanks to Phillipa Swindale from Edinburgh for helping me out and coming up with some great web site ideas.

Talking about ideas; fed up with the same old cheese and ham sandwiches? Time for some new sandwich ideas! Marmite is not for everyone…but how about a grilled chicken fillets with lime zest, cream cheese and coriander – all topped with crunchy lettuce in fresh seeded bread….so how about some ideas from you! Please email me and I’ll put them on the blog.

Have a good weekend.



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